Home for the Holidays 11/26: Virginia

Let’s head back to the East coast for today’s drop! Our graphic designer, Mercedes, and community member, Aimee Thomas, share a little about what makes their hometowns so special. 

This collection is inspired by those chilly, coastal days that make you want to grab your best friends and curl up around a cozy fire with a cup of hot chocolate. A brand new jacket perfect for tossing on for a beach walk, a tie dye set inspired by the surf, and a brand new classic crew set are just a few things you can find in this drop. 



Mercedes says, "Virginia Beach is a very special place that i'm proud to call my hometown. From the beautiful shores, diverse culture, and amazing food it's somewhere I always return too! As a pisces, I love being being surrounded by water. From the Chesapeake to the shores of the Atlantic, the landscape is unreal. I can't forget to mention the beautiful changing seasons. So many special memories of mine are associated with the nature of Virginia.

(Life before Senita, a High School Art and Design teacher)

Aimee shared, “This is the first place I have been stationed that gets all 4 seasons! It is amazing to see leaves change colors and there is always something to do outdoors. The beach is 15 minutes away as well. I also love the way the community opens its arms to us military personnel. Living in a community that you know supports you really makes a difference.



Senita Employee’s Pick of the Day: EVERYTHING!

Pocket Tee

Maddie Bra & Legging

Classic Crew & Sweats

Activity Fleece

Happy Shopping Sisters!


Senita Team 

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