Home For The Holidays 11/25: Texas

Happy (official) Black Friday Y’all! We are heading down south to the great state of Texas! Our social media manager, Anna, and community member, Michelle Buttars, call the Lone Star state home. 

Including a brand new print& texture, inspired by snakeskin cowboy boots, this holographic set is the perfect riff of a classic black outfit. Paired with steel blue, this collection has a little something for everyone. 


Anna’s favorite thing about her home state is “growing up so close to family and friends. The majority of my family is in Texas, and that’s what makes it still feel like home - despite the fact that I haven’t actually lived there in years. The people are always friendly, the barbecue and Tex-Mex is always good, and the weather is always humid. Every year, we all go to my grandparents house for the holidays and eat way more food than we should and watch football all day (Go Cowboys!)” 

Our community member, Michelle, says, “The stars at night are big and bright…. clap,clap,clap… Deep in the heart of Texas! My name is Michelle Buttars, mom of three, lover of tacos , community pantry lead and a fitness instructor in Magnolia, Texas.

Born and raised in Baja, Mexico but love and marriage brought me to this beautiful state. I’ve been here for the last 14 years and this is home to me. Home here is not only my family and friends but the people and their hospitality and friendliness!!  Everything is bigger in Texas y’all! H‑E‑B & Buc-ees!! (Gotta love these 2!) 

I have found a great group of people that have become my tribe. If I can say what home is for me; it would be the place where you feel love and accepted, the place where you can come as you are and grow and flourish into the best version of yourself… that is home… Texas is where I find it! Come on down and visit Texas! Go ASTROS !!!”


Senita Employee’s Pick of the Day: Going Places Pullover in Black & Sarah Bra & Shakti Leggings in Black Snake

Hang tight sisters… the deals aren’t even close to over yet!


Senita Team 

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