Senita’s mission is to make Women know they are seen and connected.

Our Guiding Principles

Community comes first.

Our priority is cultivating a positive and supportive
community. We will champion, celebrate and encourage
women of all shapes, backgrounds and stages of life.

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Wellness is not a luxury.

We believe everyone deserves the right to achieve their
best self regardless of financial or social standing.

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You deserve apparel as strong as you.

Your activewear and athleisure should be every
bit as resilient and supportive as you.

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Everyone should be treated like a sister.

That’s why we strive to provide unparalleled value, sincere customer service and an honest experience at every turn.

What is a senita (seh-nee-tuh)?

Senita is a cactus found in the harsh desert environment of Arizona and California that is known for its stunning flowers and long life. It is a beautiful survivor. The tenacity of the Senita cactus is a testament to the strength needed to weather challenges, and its beauty stands in defiance of harsh conditions. At Senita Athletics we strive to make gear that embodies these same qualities and to help women everywhere not only survive, but proudly bloom wherever they are planted.