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Senita Fall Lookbook 2017

Fall is the year’s farewell season and boy, does mother nature know how to throw a party. In places where seasons arrive in customary fashion, the trees blaze with color, like indigenous fireworks to celebrate the ending of another year.
The wind turns crisp, carrying leaves to our feet and we relish the sound of their crunch beneath us, their earthy smell which whispers all we know and love about fall; things like sweaters and soup, and the sting in our cheeks from the cold. 
While we love the traditional beauty of fall, we can’t help but proudly recognize that Senita is anything but traditional. We changed the athletic wear game starting with pockets and prices and we’re certainly not stopping there.
So when creating new styles for fall, we knew we’d be steering toward the spirit of Senita, even the very symbol that inspired us; that of the cactus flower that thrives through harsh conditions, rising above the elements to bloom where others cannot. 
While the world prepares for the long winter in fiery brilliance, only to fade to embers and ash, we look to the succulent and cactus, the sages and survivors of every season. Both the colors and forms taken by these plants are unusually striking, their very shape providing the water storage that allows them to endure unforgiving circumstances.
So we too grow in bodies varying in appearance and ability, each of us born to experience both the beauties and burdens of life. The loveliness of that fact alone is a driving force behind our sisterhood.
Free-fall with us into a new kind of fall, one of blushing mauves, luscious plums and rich teals. One of daring new lines that plunge and rise and strike across the ordinary.
It is a different season to weather, a new landscape to explore, an ever changing horizon to chase, and we are running right there beside you, always.
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