Year in Review, 2017 | Senita Athletics

Year in Review, 2017

'Twas the month before the new year and all through the warehouse
The fulfillment team was stirring, their spirits rallied and roused
The orders were all being packaged with care
In hopes that Senita Sisters would soon have them to wear
Tights and crop tops were nestled all snug in their boxes
While Jenna and Maddie had more visions of pockets...

After Black Friday, the celebration of our second year anniversary, and now more holidays just around the corner, our (brand new) warehouse has felt almost as busy as Santa's workshop! With the end of the year fast approaching we wanted to send you our version of a holiday card and look back at what a wonderful year it has been.

The seasons of 2017 involved a lot of growth and change, all geared toward making your Senita Athletics experience better! 

“Change and growth can be uncomfortable, stressful, and scary,” said co-founder Maddie. “However, every time we've taken a leap of faith we feel like it's paid off. We have our amazing and supportive customers to thank for that.”

January started out with a bang for us as we hired our new customer service rep, elevating the patron experience and streamlining the communication process between you and our company. In the spring we brought on a new designer, bringing fresh new perspective and inspired ideas to the table. 

The fall brought one of our greatest challenges and changes, a big move into our new warehouse. With holidays around the corner, Maddie and Jenna wanted the move complete and running smoothly by Black Friday. We accomplished this goal and are now able to get orders out very quickly and with greater accuracy.

With the opening of the warehouse came the hiring of our new fulfillment team, five incredible women who have helped us be more responsive and improved the overall quality of the packaging process. This brings the number of women working for Senita to a grand total of nine!

“Being in a position to hire people and bring more women into the Senita family has been incredibly rewarding,” Maddie said. “We feel very lucky to have such amazing and passionate people working for us.”

From our growing family to yours, we want to say thank you so much for another great year. Reflecting on 2017 and just over two full years of business, it’s easy to see what makes this the best job. We absolutely love seeing women share pictures of working out and living life in Senita gear. We are honored to play even just a small role in your fitness and health journey.

“We're all about empowering women and creating a community that is supportive and uplifting,” Maddie said. “We just want other women to know we care about them and support them 100%.” 

Now thumbholes! Now reflective gear! Now sports bras and pockets!
On high waists! On mesh panels! On open backs and joggers!
To the top of the screen, when you click “add to cart”
Now dash away, dash away, to 2018 and fresh starts!

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So awesome! Love reading all of this! What an amazing time of growth for your company! Love filling along one of the best quality brands around! Keep up the hard work everyone!!!


Thank you so much Senita for providing athletic wear that is fabulous, comfortable, sturdy and super cute for such affordable prices! I cannot say enough how amazing your company is! Trying to make fitness a priority in your life is hard enough, and when workout clothes are either super expensive or super cheap and bad quality, it makes it even harder! This year, my husband and I made fitness a priority with CrossFit in our lives. It’s the best decision that we’ve ever made and Senita has definitely helped make that easier! Thank you so much again! Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!


So very happy for you both! And I am proud to even know you girls! Such boss babes, and you deserve the world. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and congratulations on all of your success ❤️


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