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Why Choose Senita?

In the wide world of women’s sportswear, why should you choose Senita Athletics?

Sure, there’s the fact that we were competitive athletes with firsthand knowledge of high-performance gear, and that we’re busy, working mothers who understand the need for comfort and functionality, but Senita Athletics was created with one very specific goal in mind: to create affordable, high quality workout clothing. We continue to offer premium sportswear at palatable prices; everything on the website is under $50!

Retail stores are looking for the best prices too, but that desire keeps their designers bound to a specific number, meaning they must resort to lower-quality materials and manufacturers. We completely eliminate this problem by simply removing the constraints of a retail store model.

WE are the designers, WE find quality manufacturers, WE research the best materials. WE sell directly to you.

Here are some other ways we are able to keep costs down:

Less is More: We keep packaging simple and efficient. No unnecessary frills, just safe delivery of our product

More is Less: As the company grows and the quantity of our orders to the manufacturer increase, our cost per item decreases. We can’t think of a bigger win-win situation for both Senita and its customers!

Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye: Product moves fast around here, allowing us to rotate our inventory quickly. More variety, more value, more victory!

In the planning stages of our company, we simply would accept no less than both high quality and low cost. Senita Athletics would not have launched if that didn’t happen. Well we DID find a way, and we remain committed to affordability today and always.

The choice is yours.

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