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What is SENITA?

Senita. (Seh-nee-tuh)
A cactus found in the harsh desert environments of Arizona and California, known for its beautiful blooms and long life. In short, a beautiful survivor. 
Senitas originally photographed in 1905 were revisited in the 1990s for a study. Though bruised by desert conditions and time, nearly every senita was still standing. These beautiful survivors represent the spirit of everything we do. 
The symbol of the senita plant is our constant inspiration for our clothing. In every step of our design process, we consider beauty, functionality and quality.
We want our clothes to inspire women to live healthy, happy, long and beautiful lives, just as the senita cactus. Even among the harshness of the world and the challenges of our different environments and situations, we all have our own desert in which we fight to survive. To bloom. 
Our roles as mothers also play a part in our love for both the senita plant, as well as our Senita brand. Becoming mothers changed our world, presenting new challenges in balancing time between raising children, supporting family, and remaining active. Senita Athletics supports women everywhere juggling their busy and demanding lives with their desire to remain strong and active. Whatever that balance looks like for you, we want to be there helping you accomplish your goals in comfort and style.
Following this metaphor of survival, we are all like the senita cactus, scarred by a harsh desert climate in one way or another. Even as life causes us to be blown about by the strong desert wind, even as we are scorched by the hot and unforgiving sun, even as we sometimes struggle to find life-giving sustenance in our barren surroundings, we remain. We are here to stay. 
The beauty of the senita cactus is a rare find in the desert, its blossoms coloring the dull landscape. The durability of the senita cactus is a testament to the strength needed to stand the test of time. At Senita Athletics we strive to embody these qualities, and to help women everywhere bloom in every circumstance. 
Sources: Flower Image, Bo Mackison Natual History of the Senita
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Thank you Senita crew! I love the background on the Senita cactus – we appreciate your thoughtful apparel so much. I love the senita cactus image above, have you gals made a fabric with it? That would be neat! Senita senita leggings ;)!


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