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The Inspiration Behind The Palm Collection

The palm tree – Why can these gentle giants stay standing amidst destructive storms? The answer inspired and impressed us so much, not to mention creates the perfect analogy to the strength of our collective Senita Sisterhood.

Whatever scene the iconic palm tree inspires in your mind - whether one of tropical beach tranquility, a refreshing desert oasis, or the romance of Hollywood glam, the palm tree stands perfectly fit for an ultimate escape from the every day.

We felt continually drawn to this beautiful, hardy and resilient tree while designing our summer dreams into life. In this collection, you’ll drink in lush green hues ranging from rich to refreshing on favorites like the Sarah Sports Bra in Palm Green and Portland Pants. We’ve splashed patterned palm fronds against a sleek white canvas on shorts, sports bras and high-waisted capris, guaranteed to give you vacay vibes no matter where your summer journeying may take you.

For as much as palm trees star in your sunny vacation visions, they are also a constant fixture of a different picture--one of violent hurricanes and the inevitable damage of tropical storms. The old adage of “bend and not break” seems specifically tailored to the Palm tree, and we find great inspiration in this incredible plant’s ability to withstand its elements.

Let’s get botanically scientific about the palm. It turns out that they are actually closer to the family of grasses than to that of trees. They are built to weather the storms of their various homes, be it the sands of beach or desert, because of their very unique trunks, root systems and leaves.

Unlike regular tree trunks, which grow in rings, the inside of the palm tree is fibrous and spongy. This is what allows that quintessential “swaying in the breeze” action as well as the full on bending against hurricane winds. Whereas the trunks of other trees grow strong and rigid in order to support heavy branches, the Palm need not support such weight, leaving it free from the danger of being uprooted in a strong storm.

The palm tree’s lightweight fronds are designed to simply fold up fan-like, and though sometimes they tear, they generally remain intact and attached to the tree.

Perhaps the strongest defense can be found in the roots of the palm, which though individually small, grow together to form a large and effective root ball. This acts as an anchor, keeping the slim structure of the tree standing tall.

On the flip-side, palm trees are also very drought resistant, allowing them to thrive in their various desert homes as well.

Can you see the beautiful parallels, Senita Sisterhood? We certainly can. Life’s a beach, right?
Sometimes calm and enjoyable, sometimes a raging storm. Like the palm, your strength is found in the inevitable climates and conditions of life.

We see your roots of self-love and strength anchoring you in such moments. We see your incredible flexibility against the wind, tested and stretched, but ever resolute. We especially see when the passing storms leave you just a little torn, or minus a few fronds, ever learning how to bloom where planted and how to abundantly grow.

Let us be part of the strength of your roots, let us help anchor you in all your adventures, whether they be stormy or simple. We could not be more privileged to be part of your journey.
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