Senita Style Diaries - Teaching in Style

Senita Style Diaries - Teaching in Style

Meet Senita Sister, Jackie!

We're excited to bring in the newest addition to the Senita Style Diaries blog. This month, we are thrilled to introduce our vibrant community member, Jackie Bustos, who has been an active part of our community since 2019! A true fashionista at heart, Jackie embraces her passion for fitness with a unique twist, effortlessly combining sexiness and sophistication in her workout attire.
Get ready to be inspired as we delve into Jackie's journey and discover her secrets to looking fabulous while breaking a sweat.

Q: How long have you been a Senita Sister?

A: Since 2019! 

Q: What item got you hooked on Senita?

A: Rios! Loved finding shorts with pockets for running.

Q: What are your top Senita products?

A: Vinyasa Top - It makes me feel sexy and athletic without showing too much tummy.

Vinyasa Leggings - Pockets and bouncy fit!

Strappy Bra - Shows off my back while the scoop neck shows a little skin.

Baselines: Show off my quads while cinching my waist with the seamed waistband.

Weekend Joggers: These are my pjs, kick around the house and run errands go-to staple.

Q: What is a color/pattern you'd like to see more in store?
A: More white. I want to look like an angel on the trail!
Q: Where do you usually wear your Senita?
A: I wear Senita for runs and hikes! I realized some Senita pieces regularly sneak into my teacher wardrobe like the vinyasa leggings, strappy bra and joggers!
We hope you enjoyed this month's Senita Style Diary! We are so thankful to have amazing women like Jackie in our community. Don't forget to use the hashtag #SenitaIRL to show us how you style your Senita!



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Oh what an honor to be featured in your Style Diaries! Great job Berenice and Senita team!

Jackie Bustos

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