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Senita Spotlight: Sia Cooper, Diary of a Fit Mommy

When sisters Jenna and Maddie founded Senita Athletics, they were building not just a business, but a family. Here at Senita Athletics, we are continually inspired by our customers and the many incredible women we are privileged to collaborate with. We want to share their stories so we can all benefit from one another’s successes. Look for Senita Sister Spotlights here on our blog and be part of our family! 

What you see (and read) with Sia Cooper is what you get. Her Diary of a Fit Mommy website and social media pages contain exactly that: the honesty and wisdom typically only found in personal journal writing. Sia tackles tough topics like a boss (because she is a boss) including postpartum depression, eating disorders, and distorted beauty photos online, just to name a few.

Her honesty is just one of the inspiring components of Diary of a Fit Mommy. Sia also shares amazing workouts that busy moms can fit into during their day, even if it means you have to wear your baby! She offers the Strong Body Guide which includes both workouts and clean eating plans, as well as private online forums to help keep you motivated.

An incredible 45 lb weight loss, a mother of two, a certified personal trainer and not to mention a background in nursing, all make Sia THE expert on being a “fit mommy.” 

  1. What inspired you to focus on creating a fitness and health program for mothers and mothers-to-be? 

It wasn't until I became pregnant that I saw a huge need for workouts directed at pregnant women. Most women have no idea what they should be doing or how to keep fit during pregnancy so I wanted to guide them in the right direction. Also, many mothers often feel as if their bodies are ruined after baby so I wanted to show them how they can be stronger and better than ever, though their bodies may not be the exact same.

  1. What is your biggest challenge in maintaining a consistent workout program with children and how do you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge is dealing with interruptions. Your kids will always and should always come first-before your workout. But fitting in the time and not feeling guilty about it is important. I overcome having little time to workout by choosing to exercise once I put my daughter down for a nap. I use every little minute of spare time to the fullest and I make it count.

  1. One of your pieces of advice we love is to let kids be your REASON to workout instead of an EXCUSE not to. What are your go-to ways for making this incredible wisdom a reality? 

It is so easy to blame your kids for being the reason why you didn't do something so I like thinking of them as the reason to get things done. This is all mentally challenging so you have got to change the way that you think. Think of the example that you are setting for your kids. When they see you taking care of yourself, they will take care of themselves the same way.

  1. You’re very open about often ignored topics like eating disorders and postpartum depression on your website and social media. Which “real talk” topic you’ve written about means the most to you? 

Postpartum depression and anxiety is the most important to me since so many women suffer in silence. Lots of women suffer in silence about disordered eating as well, but it is more widely talked about than PPD. Women are scared to open up about PPD because they may feel it is all in their head. They may feel scared and unsure of what to do. It is so hard to deal with, but opening up about meeting with a therapist helps other women to gain the strength to seek therapy as well.

  1. Due to your honesty and openness on social media, we feel like we know so much about you (and also that we are basically BFF's). Can you share with us 3 things fans don’t know about you? 
  1. I have my motorcycle license. Sports cars and motorcycle racing are hobbies that I enjoy. 
  2. I am also a nurse and have my nursing license though I do not make this my career anymore. I prefer what I do now!
  3. I am addicted to La Croix [Sparkling Water].

  1. What items do you typically carry in the pockets of your Senita gear? 

I carry my iPhone, snack bars, and cash mainly.

  1. You are not afraid to post real, un-edited pictures on social media with #flawsome, why does this campaign mean so much to you? 

#flawsome is inspiring to me because so much of what you see on social media tends to be perfected and as we know perfection is not real. We end up looking at these fitness models as if they are unicorns and we are donkeys-if that makes any sense. Even studies have proved that looking through an Instagram feed of someone else can instantly decrease your self-esteem. So, I like to show both sides-the real and the glammed up.

  1. Any funny baby stories to share about working out with your kids? 

Getting barfed on!

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Thanks for sharing such incredible information on fitness. It worth reading and applying those suggestions!
A mother with baby needs lot of dedications, interest and time-management to be in shape. But with proper plans and tips one can surely get into lovely shape. Remember you are the one who is only responsible for your success. Just get access to the perfect tips and keep on going. Yeah, I repeat keep going!! :) You can go through my blog to get tips for fitness[Diary-of-a-Fit-Mommy] .
Good Luck!
Happy workout! :)

Sia Copper

I follow and love, love her blog!! Love her more now that I know that she loves Senita :)


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