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Our Top 7 Alta Favorites!

Our Alta Favorites!

Happy Sunday, my beautiful Senita friends! This is such an exciting post for me to write because we just launched one of my favorite collections to date (I feel like I say that almost every launch... but I'm not lying. I promise)! They just keep getting better and better!

Let's also note: FALL IS OFFICIALLY HERE YA'LL. Pumpkin spice lattes? Bring them on. Scented pinecones and warm apple pie candles? Already set up in my house. This is, and will always be, my favorite season. So it's only natural that fall collections are also my favorite collections, right?

RIGHT! So let's jump right in! These are my top 7 picks from The Alta Collection. I'm here to give my true, honest opinions about the products, what I like, what I would note about each piece, and everything in between!

In no particular order (but kinda in order), we have...

1. Salutation Pants - Impressions

If you follow us on IG, you KNOW how often I rave about the Salutation Pants, and they're BACK after like 3 years of not making new colors. Friends.... these are a DREAM. Like pure perfection in a legging. They are in the Skin fabric, so a buttery smooth, brushed feeling, and they literally just move with you. Here's the controversial part... they don't have pockets! That doesn't bother me in these pants, because I love the feeling of not having the seams going down the legs (call me crazy, but I know I have some pocketless fans out there with me). BUT. Because there are no seams going down the leg, they have more stretch, which makes them feel a little looser. I personally size down in these pants! And, if you absolutely NEED pockets, we have this print in our Shakti 7/8 Capris as well! They will be a little shorter, but they'll include pockets!

Here's my other honest take: This print is stunning, but it's printed on white ground! That means that if you turn the leggings inside out, the leggings are white. Because the print is mostly black on the outside, this makes it so that when you squat or bend your knees, you might see some of the white come through from the back of the fabric! So while they ARE squat-proof, you will see some "whiting out" from the white ground. 

2. Ballet Wrap Top - Latte

I'm not going to lie - I didn't know how to feel about this top during the design process. I just wasn't sure how it would be worn, or what exactly I would wear it with. My mind was COMPLETELY changed after I saw it on our models during the product photoshoot! They looked absolutely stunning in the tops, and I thought it was so different than anything we'd ever done before. The tie can be worn 3 different ways - in the front, side, or back - and it's totally adjustable to your preference. 

Story time! I was a competitive dancer for 11 years (ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary), and I WISH I had this top for my dancing days. It's soft, comfortable, cute, and so elegant. I can wear it with leggings, jeans, skirts, you name it! I think my favorite outfit that I paired it with is the Ribbed Culottes from our lounge collection! They're the same fabric, so they just went together so well.

3. Sculpt Jacket - Coral

Now, I'm the furthest thing from an avid runner... but if I was, THIS JACKET would be my go-to. I mean, it's my go-to now and I barely ever run. This jacket was designed with runners in mind! It's fitted, has a high neck zipper to cover your neck, thumbholes, built-in "mittens" to keep your hands warm, and zipper pockets to keep your belongings from falling out! On top of that, it's also DANG CUTE! I swear, sometimes it's so hard to find things that are both? Like, why can't we just have cute AND functional things. Let's be honest, Senita is the best in the game at this. Cute, functional, affordable? YES, PLEASE!

If you hadn't already guessed, this jacket is in our Sculpt fabric, and I love it for an outer layer or a warmup layer when I'm at the gym! It's also easy and thin enough to tie around my waist when I'm working out! I always feel like a real fitness influencer when I show up in this jacket, lol!

4. Hailey Cropped/Classic Half Zip - Latte

I combined the 2 lengths into 1, because why not? They're both equally great! If you haven't tried the Hailey Half Zip yet, I highly HIGHLY encourage you to do so. We have quite the array of colors now, too! This jacket is made with the coziest fabric you'll ever put on your body. You might not be able to tell from the outside, but the inside is the softest fleece-like fabric! It's so so warm, and so so cozy. This is the jacket that I keep on the back of my chair at work because I FREEZE in the office sometimes. Super easy to throw on with leggings to wear to the gym during the winter, or throw on with jeans for a casual look! Whatever way you wear it, you'll be in absolute heaven the whole time. 

Another huge plus to this half zip - the sleeves are so long! I don't know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when sleeves are slightly too short for my liking. I don't even think I have abnormally long arms, but I find myself with this problem often. These sleeves definitely have you covered with the length, and thumbholes too!

5. The Weekend Set - Bronze

There's a reason we're known for our joggers. It's not because they're only $36... that's just part of it. 😉 But they're famous because they are just about the comfiest, most flattering joggers you can put on your body! And let's be real, leggings and joggers take up about 90% of our wardrobes now... no need for hard pants anymore! To make it even better, these Weekend Joggers have a matching hoodie! It's in the same 4-way stretch jersey fabric, and is absolutely amazing! It's a full length hoodie, but I prefer to wear mine tucked under into my sports bra to give it a cropped look! I'm also a huge proponent of the "monochromatic" look. Anything to be comfortable AND stay on trend, am I right?

Seriously though, try out these joggers if you haven't yet, and you'll be hooked. Pockets, drawstring, comfort - they've got it all!

6. Lola Ribbed Sports Bra - Ponderosa

This brand new sports bra is definitely going to be a fan-favorite. It has great coverage and support, and has the most beautiful back detail ever! I'm loving the simplicity of the thin straps and band. This ribbed fabric is also one of my favorites because it really holds you in all the right places. I'm not falling out, I'm not bouncing around. I'm right where I want to be. Although it's not the Sculpt fabric, I would compare the 2 fabrics in terms of compression and stretch! It's definitely going to keep you in place all day. 

Also, I just can't get over the ponderosa color. This has been one of my top colors since the beginning of Senita. I can't get enough of it! GIVE ME ALL THE GREENS!

7. The Annie Set - Eggplant

This set is the epitome of grace and elegance. I don't know why, but it just screams beauty! From the Skin fabric, to the ruching details on the bra and the leggings. And this eggplant color? Perfection. It's the perfect purple that looks so good on so many skin tones.

Here's something to note: the leggings have ruching down the side, and if you don't manually adjust them after you put them on, you might never know it's there! The stitching in the seams has a lot of stretch so they don't break, that they look like full length leggings when you put them on! Just adjust them to your liking, and you're good to go! I personally love this detail, because you can customize them to make them your own! Want full length? Sure, let's do it. Want capri length? Totally doable! The adjustability on these is great!

And there it is, ladies and gents! My 7 favorites from this new collection. Let us know what your favorites are! As always, if you have any questions, you can contact customer support at support@senitaathletics.com or DM us @senita!

We can't wait for you all to get your new Alta pieces! 


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