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New Sizing Chart Update!


Why can sizing be so incredibly frustrating? Finding the right size might be the most inconvenient part of shopping, especially online. At one retailer, I may be a size 4 and another a size 10, and depending on a preference for how I’d like a certain item to fit (oversized, snug, etc.) it’s a whole different ballgame. I know how difficult it can be and the dread of packing up and exchanging or returning an incorrect size. Let’s be honest, sometimes I just suck it up and commit to a clothing item that fits not exactly how I’d like it to which is a miss for me as well as the company I’ve purchased from -- as I associate that fit with their brand.


For this reason, we spent most of 2021 and our design team’s blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe a little dramatic but it was a massive undertaking! More detail on that in Melissa’s note below) working on standardizing our sizing across product offerings. After sharing this project with you in August 2021 (read more here), we are excited to announce that the first products with refreshed sizing will be rolled out in our February collection and all further collections to come this year. As we’ve shared before, we’re under no misguided expectation that our sizing will be perfect for every person and every unique body at the end of this, however, we believe it will be a positive change for a vast majority of our community and will make the experience of selecting sizes a more seamless, less daunting process. And as always, we’re just a DM or email away from helping you find your perfect fit or perfect product!


Our aspiration is to support each of you in every adventure, big or small, through both our products and our community. That is why developing the most seamless, supportive fit in all of our products is, and will always be, at the top of our priority list. I’m very proud of what our incredibly hard-working team has been able to accomplish in only a year and am excited for each of you to receive new, updated pieces. Your feedback is at the center of everything we do here and I’m so grateful. Thank you for your continued support and for making the Sisterhood what it is today. 







Hello friends!


We have finally made it to the finish line in our size chart project! Our overall goal with this project was to become more consistent with the market and across styles within our product offerings. We spent the last year reviewing your feedback on the fit of our products, adjusting size charts and analyzing return data, and we’re finally ready to begin sharing the new and improved sizing with you!


We started this project close to home by asking everyone we could find to measure themselves and fill out surveys on how our current products fit. We measured our friends, sisters, moms, aunts, team members, etc., and asked everyone to try sample, after sample, after sample. We became obsessed with sizing and measuring. For example, we dug into the history of bras and found that the current basic bra and current bra sizing has not changed in over a century. The bra sizing system 32, 34, 36, etc. was originally based on Victorian shirt sizing and it has not changed much since. I found this super interesting, and super confusing! This led us to change our bra size chart completely and simplify the way you measure and size yourself. If you are interested in learning more about the history of bras, I recommend checking out the Laura Tempest Ted Talk called “You’ll never look at a bra the same way again” from November 2018. 


After our initial research, we began the next step of digging deeper into our own product. We reviewed over 60 size charts, we measured and fit 360 samples, and we worked with fit models of all shapes and sizes over several months. This, in conjunction with return data, helped to show us what was off and what was working in our product fit assortment, and which direction we should be going for the new size chart. Once we felt solid about the new sizing, we brought it to our Senita community! We sent out a sizing survey, we received 60 responses and we invited 30 members of all sizes to come in and try on the re-sized products. Finally, we used that feedback to make any final tweaks to the new specs and size charts.


It was a whirlwind of a year filled with a lot of learning and adjusting. Now that we are here, we believe this will be a positive change for a vast majority of our community and it will make the experience of selecting sizes a more seamless process.


Thank you so much for your continual feedback, passion for our products and community – we have loved getting to work with you in person and online and we look forward to what the future holds! Just wait until you see what we have coming… 


New size charts can be viewed here!



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