Making Time to Exercise When You Have Work/Kids/Life: And how not to feel guilty when you miss a day!

Making Time to Exercise When You Have Work/Kids/Life: And how not to feel guilty when you miss a day!

Written by Emily Copeland BSPH; Edited by Macey Leatham RDN


As a Senita Sister, I believe most of us are here because we enjoy exercising and love a cute Senita outfit to encourage us to stay active. Even if we love working out or have a desire to exercise, it can be quite difficult to fit it in between work, family, sleep, grocery shopping, and so many other activities that take up our time. But don’t let that stop you! Here are a few ways you can stay active:

    • Early risers may love a morning workout prior to work
    • If working full time, try hitting the gym on your way home for the day
    • Check local gyms for daycare, so you can have someone watch the kiddos while you get your sweat on
    • Go on a family walk or bike ride after dinner and get the entire family up and moving
    • Desk job? Stay active by stretching in your chair, taking multiple brisk walks throughout the day, or going on a walk during your lunch break. You don’t need 30 minutes at one time; breaking it up into shorter time frames may make it more manageable
    • Park farther away from store and work entrances to walk a bit further
    • Try taking the stairs instead of riding in the elevator
    • Busy Soccer mom with your kids at practice? Try going for a walk/run at their facilities while they practice.

It is also important to listen to your body and rest when needed. Our bodies need time to recover when sick, tired, or stressed. Do not feel guilty for taking some time each week to give your muscles a break. If you are doing strength training or HIIT, your rest day may include yoga, foam rolling, a steady state walk, or simply checking off tasks on your to-do list. If you are sick, take time to heal and ease back into your exercise routine. 

Mentally and physically pushing yourself beyond your limits may inhibit your health and cause anxiety. If you are feeling guilty about missing a few days of exercise, it may be time to think about why you are exercising. Exercise can improve mental health in the right mindset. But if exercise is used as a punishment to offset foods you ate, or to compensate for missing a workout, it inhibits your mental health. You can change that mindset by finding something you enjoy to do! Maybe it is a gym setting, maybe it is white-water kayaking, or summiting Colorado’s 14er’s. Whatever it may be, ensuring that you are exercising for fun will help you ease the guilt and enjoy a lifetime of movement.

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