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Let's Talk Sizing.

While 2021 has brought many wonderful things to Senita - the addition of many new members to our Facebook community, fantastic new products and a renewed focus on events connecting each of us in person and virtually – it’s also brought clarity to areas we can improve upon.

In March 2021, we surveyed our community for feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly. We were hoping to better understand how we could continue to improve your Senita experience. As usual, you did not disappoint. Each of you responded thoroughly and thoughtfully and ultimately helped us learn both what was going well and what needed our immediate attention.

At the top of the list, it’s clear that sizing is an area in which many community members believe we have significant room for improvement, and we agree. It’s our greatest priority for 2021.


So, What’s Next?

In the end of 2020, we invested in a new returns system to provide us better insight into what drives the decision to return (products running too big, too small, didn’t like the style, etc.).  For the first time, we have comprehensive data – as opposed to relying on anecdotal evidence alone - to help us understand an accurate picture of your sizing experience with our products.

Our design team is leveraging this data in conjunction with your feedback to revisit size charts across and within product categories. In addition, we will be sampling and wear testing all updated products in every size on a wide variety of models, community members and team members to ensure we get it right.

With this undertaking, we’re addressing three main issues:

  • Quality Control of New Product Releases: As a team, we’re committed to measuring full-size runs of products (new and existing) against our size charts to look for any inconsistencies and potential manufacturing errors.
  • Specific Products: There are a few products which holistically run either big or small which we’ll be resizing to be consistent within their categories.
  • Improving Our Fits For Specific Sizes: Historically, we believe we have failed to properly accommodate for our XL and XXL community members. We will be updating them to run TTS.  

 As a disclaimer, to get this right, it’s going to take time to allow for as many iterations of samples as needed along with the ability to try them on as many bodies as possible. Therefore, we don’t expect to have this project completed until early 2022 but want you to know what to expect and what we’re working on behind the scenes. Finally, we’re under no misguided expectation that our sizing will be perfect for every person and every unique body at the end of this project however, we believe it will be a positive change for a vast majority of our community and will make the experience of selecting sizes a more seamless, less daunting process.

While we work through this on our end, we have been and will continue to offer a returns policy which allows you to find your perfect fit more seamlessly at Senita through free exchanges and free returns for store credit. Furthermore, we are committed to providing as much information as possible in our product descriptions, on our Instagram TVs, and on the Facebook page and will always be available to you through customer support and our stylist hours to help you find your perfect fit.


FAQ: What Does This Mean For Extended Sizing?

We know that extended sizing is on the top of many of our community member’s minds, and it’s something we are beyond excited to eventually pursue as well. That said, as long as we have opportunity to improve upon the fit and consistency of the current sizes offered that will continue to be our first, and only, sizing priority. While extended sizing is on the list for Senita, we do not yet have a set timeline. Our belief is that once we complete, and we receive feedback on, our ongoing sizing project we will have the platform, and accurate starting point, needed to move into offering extended sizing properly and effectively.


In Conclusion (Yay, You Made It Through!)

If you’ve read this far, you’re a trooper, so thanks for sticking with us! We’re incredibly excited about what the rest of 2021 will bring and the changes ahead that will only continue to improve your overall experience with Senita. It’s thanks to your continual feedback, passion for our products and community that keeps us going and helps us navigate these changes. Hopefully, this helps clarify what lies ahead for Senita and if you want to discuss in more detail, please always feel free to reach out at support@senitaathletics.com. We’re excited to share these initiatives (and more that we can’t share just yet!) that will make your shopping, trying on, and your life in Senita as comfortable, carefree and confident as we possibly can!




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