Home for the Holidays 11/22: Arizona

Today, we do not have to travel very far! Welcome to Arizona: the home of our Community Manager, Berenice, our community member, Stacy Dillier, and Senita itself! 

Inspired by the signature Saguaro cactus and the outdoor activities you can take advantage of, this collection is perfect for those who want a pop of color while hiking around the Grand Canyon, catching a game, or hanging out at home with friends and family. 

Berenice says, "Welcome to sunny Arizona! As an Arizonan, I love explaining what "dry heat" and "haboobs" are. Phoenix is a perfect abundance of culture and community. One of my favorite things to do is explore downtown, visit new bars, and check out new small businesses!" 

Our community member, Stacy, says, “Home is where your heart is. For me, my heart is with my immediate family, dearest friends and rescue pup; home is Arizona.

As an Arizona native, I grew up with a strong appreciation for a solid A/C unit, delicious Mexican food, and beautiful cotton candy sunsets. Every summer I wonder why I haven’t fled as fast as a roadrunner, and every winter I’m reminded why.

Indoor hobbies - popular in the summer -  include treadmill runs, creating all the things (from handmade cards to cross stitching), and cuddling on the couch with my pup and a good book. In our cooler months, I love outdoor runs, exploring festivals, and asking for outdoor seating at restaurants.

Oh, and, I also LOVE that Senita’s home base is here; I’ll never complain about getting my orders so quickly! xoxo

Our home state of Arizona is near and dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy this drop as much as we do!

Senita Employee’s Pick of the Day: Senita Gym Bag & Essential Seamless Short Tank in Cactus


Senita Team 

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