We're not only high-performance clothing; but also a community. This holiday season, we are going home for the holidays and we are so excited to take you on this journey. 

For each day of our Black Friday collection, we will feature one member of our staff and community from each home for the holiday destination, new products & a special offer. 

For the first official day of Black Friday Week, we are visiting Utah! The Utah collection features staple products with the added dash of a brand-new print! The Majorca print was designed to be a showstopper and will fit right in on any adventure you take! 


We asked Shelby, our Senita Warehouse Manager (who by the way rocks Senita every single day in the warehouse & serves up some serious style inspo!), what made home special to her:

“I love Utah because of the small town feel it offers as well as the beautiful scenery. I don't remember much growing up there because I moved when I was young but I remember from stories how friendly our neighbors were, how quaint the town was, and how gorgeous the different seasons were. The snow capped mountains are a major highlight that Utah offers!

The things I feel make home feel special around the holidays are decorating the tree with loved ones and reminiscing on ornaments passed down each year, as well as spending time with family and loved ones on Christmas Day. We always make a yummy breakfast and open our stockings and gifts together. Some years, we will head to the park for a kickball game!”

Our community member, Nicole, echoed the sentiment saying, “After living in many different states, I've settled down in Salt Lake City, UT and it has rapidly become my home. I live here with my amazing husband, and we love to explore every chance we get. From the forested mountain tops to the red rock canyons, Utah has something for everyone.  Each season comes with its own activities, so it's impossible to be bored here! When I'm not outside exploring, I'm a registered nurse in the Medical ICU, an avid reader, and I enjoy CrossFit. Happy Holidays, and I hope to see you in UT soon!


Senita Team Picks of the Day:

  • Baselines in Majorca
  • Exhale Wrap in Heather Grey

Thank you for traveling home with us this season! We can't wait to show you everything we have in store! 


Senita Team

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