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Customer Appreciation Week Recap

Hey Senita Sisters, we wanted to recap last week’s customer appreciation, five awesome days that were all about YOU! We hope you enjoyed the discounts and promotions offered and scored some sweet deals. 

 Let’s hear from founders Jenna and Maddie about why they wanted to show Senita customers some love. Here are their thoughts:

What inspired your idea to host customer appreciation week?

J&M: We decided to do a customer appreciation week to thank our customers for loyalty and support of our brand. As cliché as it is, without our customers, we are nothing! This was a way to say thank you to you for standing by us and supporting us! 

What makes Senita customers so unique and amazing?

J&M: Senita customers and followers are awesome because they offer great reviews on the website that help other buyers! Our customers have also given us some great ideas on color decisions and even new product development, including the creation of the 7-inch Rio Shorts, the high waisted Rio Shorts, crop tops, high neck tank, and more! We love customer feedback! 

What was your favorite deal offered during the week?

J&M: It was exciting to offer free shipping on purchases over $50 to our Canadian customers on Friday. This is the first time we have ever offered a shipping discount to anyone outside the US!

If you could send a thank you note to your customers, what would you say? 

Dear Senita Sisters,

Thank you for standing by us! When someone tags their friend on a picture and says, “This is the cool company I was telling you about," we love that! It is humbling to think that people are telling their friends about us. We definitely aren't perfect, but we are learning more and more each day and trying very hard to provide the best customer service to the best customers. 


Jenna and Maddie


Don’t worry if you missed this week’s customer appreciation promotions! There’s plenty on the horizon to be excited about like new fall season releases and holiday specials. Stay tuned for all the goodness of the Sisterhood.

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