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3 Workout Trends to Try This Year

Looking to kickstart your fitness for the new year, but bored with your old routines?

Or perhaps you’re all dressed up in your brand-new-Senita-Christmas-gift best, and nowhere to go? If you’re like us, new workout gear is excellent inspiration to get that sweat on, but if you need a fresh start or just want to switch up your normal workout, here are three trends that we think will rule 2018. 

If your top priority is convenience:

Sports Bra: Freedom Sports Bra 
Bottoms: Freedom Pants 

Fitness apps are soaring in popularity in 2018 because they’re a great way to make working out accessible no matter where you are. Apps are especially helpful if you feel most comfortable exercising at home – no gym memberships or fancy equipment required! There are so many apps available for at home workouts, offering you a wide selection of exercise, and ranging from beginner to advanced, there really is something for everyone. Here  is a great list to consult when starting out. 

Some of our favorites include Keelo (a strength based HIIT app), The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout (a life-saver for beginners or those in a time crunch) and Aaptiv (a personal trainer app with a wide selection of workouts, trainers and music).


If you’re a yogi looking to “up” your game:

Bra: Sarah Sports Bra - Bahamas 
Bottoms: Holly Tights - Black
Similar Tank: Boyfriend Tank 2 - Black

Want to elevate your yoga practice? Or perhaps, you’ve seen The Greatest Showman and have dreams of Zac Efron singing to you while you swing around on a trapeze…Anyone else? No? Okay.

Aerial yoga, a fun twist on traditional yoga, provides a strong nylon hammock suspended from the ceiling to bring regular poses to a new level. Performing familiar moves adapted for the hammock changes the way your body is balanced and stretched. Simply sitting in the hammock and stretching, or hanging fully upside down and holding your legs or feet for support will certainly challenge your practice.

If you’re best at going with the beat:

Top: Accelerate Long Sleeve - Gray
Bottoms: Freedom Pants - Teal

We’ve all seen that iconic rock concert finale moment where the drummer, dripping with sweat, throws his drum sticks into the crowd of screaming fans. Brand new fitness class Pound, a rock-out workout, delivers cardio and conditioning through yoga and Pilates inspired moves combined with the fun and strength of drumming and awesome music.

According to their website, this new class is innovative because “using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.” Don’t let your workout feel like another cardio chore to check off the list. Visit their website to search for a class near you. (We are not affiliated with Pound, but think it sounds like a total blast!) 

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This article just hits me good… and ive tried Pound! trust me it burns more than any other exercises ive done. its a new fun thing these days that workouts arent just about muscles,losing weight,trying to be super skinny but its now about just having a good time. with sweats dripping down like diamonds. Love all your collection! I havent own 1 yet. but oh my gosh, it looks so comfortable and lovely.

Ayuni Muhd

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