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Did You Say Men's?!? 

Today, we officially dropped our first-ever men's products since our founding in 2015! While we are beyond excited, we realize it may raise questions about why we did it and what this means for The Sisterhood moving forward. Therefore, I wanted to share the inside scoop…


As with almost everything we do, the idea for menswear was instigated by customer feedback (and the men – friends, brothers, dad's, husbands, boyfriends, etc. – in our lives who can't stop stealing our weekend joggers!). Over the years in our FB Group, DMs, and customer service inbox, this topic has consistently been requested. After a LOT of consideration, we decided to make it a reality just in time for the holidays!

This collection is all about creating a fun way to shop for the men in your life. These products double down on the mission Senita has been built around – the highest quality product offered at an affordable price. They are void of the high margins without sacrificing the attention to detail and ingenuity resulting from designing our products in-house, prioritizing the highest quality materials on the market, and testing to ensure they perform wear after wear. (Read, Andrew hasn't taken them off since we started sampling them...!) 

Is it here to stay? 

We're not going to rule it out… but, it would require a lot of positive feedback, both on the product and within our community. Right now, we have a product that didn't meet our standards in time for the Black Friday launch, but otherwise, nothing is planned for production moving forward.

Did this distract from other priorities? 

Running the initiative to create the men's products for today's launch ran parallel to many other priorities we're pursuing but did not take away from them. For example, the sizing project does not take X hours to fix. Instead, it required systematically going through a process of starts and stops. Specifically, we reviewed all of our products, re-graded and created new tech packs for them, waited on samples to be returned, made tweaks to said samples, tried them on across body sizes (then repeated 2-3x!) – again, a lot of starts and stops. Therefore, with some extra effort in design, we've been able to juggle a very diverse set of activities at once.

How will this impact our community? 

The Senita Sisters are Senita. Our community will remain a positive, motivating, and empowering space filled with sisters striving to be the best versions of themselves and ready and willing to be a support system for members in need of a shoulder to lean on or an extra dose of motivation (to reach their goals or wear the crop!). This will not change for as long as Senita exists. Our goal will always remain to innovate on products and initiatives to make your life better, more effortless and to make you feel your best. 

As for the future, we'll look to you to let us know if the shelf life for men's products serving you is limited to the holidays (hello, simplified gift giving!) or might fill a longer-term need.


Happy Shopping!




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