Long Drive Ahead Of You? Try These Rest Stop Stretches!

Long Drive Ahead Of You? Try These Rest Stop Stretches!

Written by Katy Craner 500hr - RYT

Planning to hit the road this year? Taking occasional movement breaks between long periods of sitting is beneficial for your muscles and joints! Adding movement to your rest stop or fuel up sends a healthy supply of blood and oxygen through the body, lubricates your joints, improves posture, and helps sustain you for the remainder of your trip.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to stretches!  Hold each move for 30-60 seconds.

“Are We There Yet” Lunge Twist: Full Body

This is the stretch that does it ALL!  You choose the intensity. The lower you go, the deeper the stretch.

“Hammer Time”: Hamstrings

Loosen up those cramped legs with this hamstring stretch. Instead of trying to straighten your leg, focus on flexing your ankle and pulling your thigh into your hip socket. 

”Drop it Low”: Lower Back, Neck & Shoulders

Ease some of the travel tension with this favorite! With your fingers cupping the base of your skull and your elbows pointing outward, slowly fold forward, one vertebrae at a time. Bonus: Use your car window for an added shoulder stretch!

“Car Hugger”: Shoulders

Have you hugged your car today? This is the best shoulder stretch and car hug you’ll ever do!  Bend your elbows to decrease tension.


Put these moves into action on the way to your next adventure - You will feel more energized and ready to explore when you arrive at the destination! 

Edited by Amy Will, 16x Marathoner and Berenice Zubiate
Sources: Self-Sourced
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