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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Hello, and welcome to Senita 101! I'm about to teach you all about SENITA STAPLES!

What are the staples? Why are they THE BEST? How much do they cost? You'll know it all by the time you get to the bottom of this post.

So buckle in, get ready, and let me introduce you to our first product...

The Weekend Joggers. Oh yes. Only the best joggers in the world, and I'm not even joking. These joggers can be worn literally all year long (and I live in Phoenix, so that's really saying something). They can take you from lounging in bed, to the grocery store, to the gym, to work... okay maybe not work. You'd have to have a really casual job? Nevertheless - the possibilities really are endless. These joggers come in SO MANY colors, and we just keep adding more because we can't get enough! But let's get real. You want to know the best part? They're only $36! So if you're new here and looking for a great starter item, I highly recommend these!

Up next we have...

The Strappy Sports Bra. It's the sports bra we've all been raving about! It's cute, comfortable, supportive, and a GREAT price (only $26!!). This bra has been a fan favorite since it's first debut in 2018 and it just keeps getting better with every addition. With the cute strappy back, it makes for a fun accent to show off under a shirt (or without a shirt, go get'em girl)! It's the perfect balance of feminine and functional. Go ahead, try it for yourself! This really is a bra that can do no wrong.

Okay, moving on!

The High Waisted Rio Shorts (7 in. inseam) are really some of my favorite shorts around. They are SO GOOD as a transitional piece to have in your everyday wardrobe. Not only are they great for intense workouts at the gym (let's talk about the fact that they can withstand my bodybuilding style leg lifts?), they can be paired with a cute tee, sweatshirt, and sandals and BOOM! you have the perfect athleisure outfit! I love a good piece of clothing that can be used for multiple functions. And they can be all yours for one-time payment of $22! 

You are all about to be blown away by this next one...


The Studio Skin Joggers... really what can I say about these? They are truly pants that every single person just needs to experience for themselves. Buttery smooth... flattering... comfortable... affordable... is there even anything else you would want? These fitted joggers are made from my personal favorite fabric - our SKIN fabric. It's like a second skin with how soft and smooth they lay on your body! You can dress these joggers up or down, and rock them all over the place - and only for a WHOPPING $36!

This next one is one of my ~personal~ favorites... and I may or may not have it in every color we sell (and that's a lot).

The Ava Crop Top is AMAZING!! I love a good crop top, and this is the best one around (if you're not a crop top person - I got you - skip to the next one). This crop top is probably one of the most flattering crop tops I've ever worn or SEEN! It has a beautiful neckline, thin straps that cross in the back, and a built-in shelf bra for ease and comfort. You can throw it on with some leggings, jeans, a jacket, really whatever you want! The versatility and functionality is endless.

And last but NOT LEAST...

The Extra Mile Tank. This. Tank. Is. Fantastic. It's probably the #1 tank top to wear to the gym. This tank top has a great neckline, and a longer length - which is great for people who like a more modest tank, or for my tall gals out there who need the extra inches! This tank is super athletic, comfortable, SO CUTE, and only $25! It's definitely a gym attire staple!

Check these products out, because I know you'll love them just as much as everyone else!

And THAT, ladies and gents, concludes today's Senita 101 class. HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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