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Summer 2021 Mood Board!

Our summer moods are here and we are in LOOOVEEEEE. I'll try my best not to give too many things away!

These are some of the inspirations behind our summer collections and summer colors. We've taken inspiration from things like the desert, ice cream sundaes, fruit, the beach, and ideas from our own customers!

From a distance these moods might seem a little all over the place... but up close and personal, each of these inspirations plays a huge role in what shapes our collections. Every collection starts with a theme that our designers put together: a place, a color, a mood, a comment from our customers - and everything blooms from there.

To ensure I don't spoil TOO much... I'll just let you in on how some of these moods have already shown up in our most recent launches! The Canyon and Oasis collection were both inspired by the desert, the sand, the water, and the palm trees that have been bleached by the sun. The colors in those collections were taken from the red rocks, the beaches, the leaves, and the shadows of the canyons. You can see how just a couple inspiration ideas and photos can shape how an entire collection is made!

Watching the process of how each collection is formed is so interesting! One single product can be tweaked or changed about 12x before it's finalized and approved for production!

Also, FUN FACT! Our collections are designed almost a YEAR in advance! So all of the designs, patterns, and colors that are coming out now, were constructed almost a year ago! It's crazy how fast time flies when you're designing fun collections 😉

Stay tuned to see how the rest of this summer mood board comes to fruition in our new collections!

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