Style Diaries - Alaskan Adventure with Haley Kelley

We are super excited about our brand new Style Diaries blog series. Our vision for this series is to show you how you can style your Senita apparel in a variety of situations. Each month we will be featuring one of our community members who will be wearing their Senita gear in non-traditional ways and places. This month, we are taking you on an Alaskan Adventure with Haley Kelley. Hello Haley! We asked her a few questions about her sport and lifestyle:


Q: Senita sister since:
A: 2017!

Q:Favorite Senita item:
A: Uh-oh, I don’t know if I can choose just one! I’ll name a few favs: harmony crop, Malibu crop, pace pants, 7/8 vinyasas, Sedona shorts, baselines, Hailey cropped half zip…I could honestly probably go on and on but I’ll try to have some self control

Q: What I love most is...
A:I have never experienced a company quite like Senita. Not only does Senita make high quality, cute, comfy, and affordable activewear but the company itself takes into consideration recommendations from their customers. They are extremely responsive to concerns, feedback, and have also managed to make everyone who is apart of the community feel like family. This sisterhood like community is unmatched and I whole heartily believe that Senita cares about each individual who is apart of it. They have proven time and time again that support (through words of encouragement, little gifts, fund raising, donations, etc) will be graciously be given during hard times, celebrations, or even “just because”. Simply put, my favorite thing about Senita is the sisterhood they’ve built and the kindness that emulates from each of the Senita team members. 🖤

Portage pass trail: Whittier, Alaska.
A 4 mile hike that leads to the beautiful Portage lake and Portage Glacier. A favorite of mine and a fun experience to have since you have to drive through the one way tunnel into Whittier to even get access to the trailhead.

Wearing the Black Laced Up Crop Top and Black Pace Pants, they are just bunched up so that I could go into the water 😊


Reed Lakes trail: Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska
Between 6-8 miles (depending on if you go to one or both lakes!) and is absolute stunning! There is a pretty extensive Boulder field to pass through but it’s totally worth it due to Wildflowers galore, mountains on all sides, rivers, waterfalls and lakes you experience…all in one hike!

Wearing my Black Pace Pants and Punch Get It Done Tank


Southfork Valley Trail: Eagle River, Alaska
Another favorite of mine! It’s about 11 miles, however there is not a ton of incline. This trail leads to Eagle and Symphony lakes..which are super neat! They are fed by different water sources so they are different colors. Eagle lake is a sea foam green (glacier fed) and symphony lake is a pretty blue due to snow runoff and rain. This hike is especially pretty in the fall, so many colors in the foliage!

Wearing the Copper 7/8 Capris and Fossil Malibu Crop Top


Pepper Peak via Twin Peaks trail: Chugiak, Alaska
8 miles if going all the way up pepper peak but most people do just the twin peaks trail which is 2.5 miles and still a great view of Eklutna lake below! Steep but well worth the view! I love this area because you can really choose your own adventure here. Whether it be stoping at the shorter hike, going all the way up, kayaking on the lake, biking or 4-wheeling along the lake edge, camping, there’s an adventure for everyone!

Wearing the Cropped Tahoe Tank and Black Baselines.


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Love this!

Alesha Jabusch

I recognize every picture. I grew up in Anchorage and lived in the area for 55 years.

Diane Willett

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