Senita Spotlight: Becky Williams, Good for the Swole

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Aside from winning the award for the best Instagram name ever, Becky Williams from Good For the Swole shares her tips for making the most of workouts and nutrition while balancing motherhood. Already a seasoned fitness coach, Becky changed her focus after becoming pregnant and started her website and Instagram page, documenting her journey through pregnancy and post-partum health and fitness for her own and others’ learning benefit. Swole friends everywhere can’t get enough of her wisdom from workouts to food to simply navigating life with a baby!

You have many amazing fitspiration posts for pregnant and post-partum mothers. What has been the most important thing you’ve learned about health, fitness and motherhood?

Thank you! Becoming a mother gave me a new appreciation for my body. I can't begin to describe how grateful I am for it and how much more I respect it now. I learned how to really listen to my body during pregnancy, and now I feel like I'm more in tune with its needs. I don't eat certain things because I feel like I "have to" to be healthy, I eat them because I want to give my body the very best. I don't workout anymore to get a six pack, or having a rocking booty (even though, heyyy, those things are great still). Instead, I workout because I want to take care of my body and have more energy to play with my baby, Piper. 

How does a busy mama begin to try and make space for fitness in their life?

It's so hard! I would say to start small. Too often we set these lofty goals, and then get discouraged when we're unable to attain them. We can't go from 0-100 overnight, unfortunately. The best strategy would be to set a goal of doing some type of workout for 15 minutes, 3x a week. That's do-able! Once you have that down, add to it a little and continue pressing forward and working on your goals. Nothing changes overnight, but also, nothing changes if nothing changes. We have to take that first step, even if it's a small one! 

You love to roast vegetables. What’s your favorite way to add roasted veggies to a meal?

I do! I love throwing them into a bowl with grilled chicken and hummus. It's so simple and there are so many good flavors!

What would we find in the pockets of your Senita Athletics clothing?

Definitely a snack bar, and probably an empty snack bar wrapper, haha. I'm addicted to G2G bars, RX bars, and Square bars!

What’s your most embarrassing gym moment?

Haha, so where do I start? One of my most recent embarrassing gym experiences was looking in the mirror during my workout to see milk had leaked out all over my workout tank. Needless to say, my workout was cut short that day.

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How has your exercise routine changed since having a baby?

Spending hours at the gym isn't important to me anymore, or necessary. I used to love the gym and would workout 6 days a week for at least an hour. I don't have time for that now, or rather, I choose to spend my time with Piper now. My priority has shifted, and while I still workout 5 days a week, I workout for half the time and feel so much healthier and fitter!

We’re swole glad Becky took the time to talk with us. Want more?

Follow Becky and here’s…

What you’ll get: gorgeous pics of food that will make you wish you could crawl through the computer, and it’s all CLEAN (thank you, thank you, thank you, Becky).

What you’ll love: Becky captures first-time-mom life so well, cuz it’s like baby time all day and night and just how do you stay sane let alone stay fit? Becky has the answers.

What’ll make you jelly: Hands down, Becky’s abs. She knows it. We know it.

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