Finding Your Local Fitness Community

Finding Your Local Fitness Community

Have you recently moved to a new area? Or maybe you have lived in the same spot for a while but are looking for a fresh way to connect with your community? Finding local fitness communities to engage with can be so refreshing and empowering…especially as a woman! 


Personally, I love to seek out all-women’s/female-identifying groups. The benefits are endless! The female camaraderie, new friendships and finding a workout buddy who suits your pace/level are just a few! Finding that community can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to an area. Here are a few ideas to start your search: 


  1. Look for regional/national organizations that may have a group in your area. Some examples are Trail Sisters (running), Appalachian Mountain Club (hiking) and New England Mountain Biking Association (biking). Groups like these typically have weekly events where you can attend and meet other “regulars”! 

  2. Join fitness classes that are reserved for women. Use the online search bar to look up women-specific groups or classes. Many gyms or nonprofit groups will hold these spaces, which are a valuable resource if you’re looking to connect with other strong and  amazing women. 

  3. Attend local community events. Farmer’s markets, race events, or fundraisers are usually full of organizations “tabling” to market themselves. This is a great way to connect with your local organizations and to ask around about area women’s groups.

  4. Keep your eyes peeled for pace qualifiers. If you are looking at hiking/biking/or running groups, this will typically look something like “no drop group” or “we have a group A, B, and C for all levels.” These qualifiers are important to make sure you will feel comfortable and confident while trying something new! 

   Joining new communities can be both scary and fun all at the same time! We hope you find that perfect community to stay social, make life-long friends and to stay motivated in your fitness journey. Hopefully these tips will spark some inspiration!


Written by Liv Del Brocco LMSW-CC

Edited by Amy Will 17x Marathoner

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