Sweat With Senita - Kick Butt Workout!

Welcome to this segment of Sweat With Senita! Today, if you couldn't tell by now, we are focusing on that BOOTY! A glute workout that will be sure to kick your butt, but have you feeling STRONG afterwards!

Ready? Let's go!

**this workout can be done at home or at the gym**

What you'll need:

  • resistance band
  • medicine ball/dumbbells


10 side steps (each side - band around ankles)

10 duck walks (forward and backward - band around ankles)

Circuit 1: 3 rounds

15 squats

10 lunges (each leg)

15 skater jumps (each leg)

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

10 hip thrusts

10 single leg hip thrusts (each leg)

15 medicine ball or DB squat-to-press


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