This Trend Is Here To Stay - High Waisted Pants

Is anyone else out there as excited as I am about high-waisted pants being back in style?
Chances are if you lived through the early 2000’s, your only option for pants were items affectionately named things like “hip huggers” and “low riders.” To combat this, we layered our clothing with long undershirts and prayed no one noticed our underwear when we bent over. Millions of teenagers everywhere believed their “waist” was below their belly button. The only true-waisted pants available were mom jeans from Sears. And so we suffered.
But no longer! 
My first purchase of high-waisted pants (that weren’t mom jeans, even though I’m a mom, in jeans…) revealed it was possible to bend over without showing skin, underwear, or plumber’s crack! Hips, and probably bladders, everywhere rejoiced to be relieved of their waistline-bearing duties. 
Perhaps even more exciting, it’s not just jeans that have come to their trend-setting senses. Athletic apparel too has seen the light. Senita is proud to present our wide selection of  high-waisted tights, essential to comfortable exercise and did we mention how awesome they look paired with our sports bras? 
Simon says hands on hips. Simon says hands above hips. Simon says wear your pants here. 
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