Senita Spotlight: Kristine Strange (I Lost Big and So Can You)

When sisters Jenna and Maddie founded Senita Athletics, they were building not just a business, but a family. Here at Senita Athletics, we are continually inspired by our customers and the many incredible women we are privileged to collaborate with. We want to share their stories so we can all benefit from one another’s successes. Look for Senita Sister Spotlights here on our blog and be part of our family! 

What does it take to inspire and maintain an incredible weight loss of 100 pounds for three years and counting? Our Senita Sister Kristine Strange knows the answer and she’s living it!

For her it was a post just like this one; a story of a girl at a weight similar to Kristine’s highest of 231 pounds, who shared her weight loss journey on social media. After seeing it was possible, Kristine was inspired to do the same through the help of Weight Watchers, working out regularly, and perhaps most importantly, through posting pictures and updates to Facebook and Instagram along the way.

We LOVE that Kristine has created a community of support for herself and others! We asked her to share her experience and advice.

What inspired you to change?

My weight has been something that I have struggled with since I was a teenager but I reached my highest weight of 231 pounds in November of 2011. Around that time is when weight loss stories were becoming more prominent on social media. I saw a girl who was my size at the time and she went on to lose 80 pounds, and she documented her whole journey on Facebook! Sometimes seeing someone who is relatable and has amazing success can give you a push to know that you in fact can do it too!

How has social media helped you reach your goals?

Social media has played an incredible role in my weight loss journey. I created my page after seeing the girl who inspired me. At that time I was 40 pounds down and I posted my weigh ins (gains or losses) meals, workouts, everything! If I missed a day of posting I'd get messages asking if I was okay. I created a bond and friendship with all of these people following my journey! I felt held so accountable on a daily basis and still do! If it wasn't for sharing my journey I truly believe I wouldn't have maintained for as long as I have. A support system is essential in losing the weight and keeping it off!

What has your biggest accomplishment/proudest moment been during your weight loss journey?

My biggest accomplishment to date would be crossing the finish line of the Indy Mini half marathon last May. I started my journey at 231 pounds only being able to jog for minutes at a time. I never dreamed I would actually be able to run 13.1 miles and I also never excepted to be proposed to at the finish line! It was the best day of my life and I'll never forget the emotions I felt!

What would your advice be to someone struggling with weight loss and workout motivation?

I would tell them what I told myself, the yo-yo dieter who said "I'll start Monday" one million and one times, who ate until she felt sick, who never believed I'd actually do it-- I'd say take it meal by meal, day by day. Don't focus on your over all goal of having to lose "x" amount of pounds. Set one very small goal and set out to accomplish it! I set mini 5 pound weight loss goals and set little rewards for myself when I met them. I would tell them mistakes happen and you'll splurge but the biggest reminder is forgiveness and moving on at your soonest opportunity, not next Monday! You can do anything you set your mind to! Weight loss is a mental battle!

I see in your Instagram account that you love leggings, what do you look for in a good pair of workout leggings?

My biggest issue at my heaviest and even now was the waistband sliding down, rolling over or not staying in place. I'm the kind of girl who likes to have them hiked up to the high heavens so they aren't sliding down during my runs. I LOVE that my Senita leggings stay in place! I also love the quality of the fabric; they are thick yet breathable... and don't get me started on the patterns! LOVE! And the price to boot?! You will not find all the above with this price tag anywhere else!

How do athletic clothes help motivate you to workout?

Clothes 100% motivate me to workout. When I was 231 pounds I was wearing baggy t-shirts from thrift stores and the same capris workout after workout because cute active wear wasn't really as popular at that time. I remember I set a goal that when I lost 60 pounds I would reward myself with a cute workout outfit because I could finally fit into the brand names. Who doesn't like to feel confident while they're kicking butt in the gym to reach their goals?!

What has drawn you to Senita Athletics in the past?

I have been following Senita since they started up! I immediately fell in love with the company after getting to know Jenna and Maddie! They are so personable with their social media followers and actually ask for input on new styles...who else does that?! I've never seen a brand do that before! We get to be the designer in a way, I think that is so cool! They have incredible customer service and run an amazing business! I love watching it continue to grow.

What is your favorite piece of Senita Athletics sportwear?

My favorite piece from Senita would be any and all of the capris. I just ordered some Marathon Tanks and I cannot wait to try those out…seems fitting, training for another half [marathon] in May.

Final advice:

It's all about making the journey fun! Set goals and reward yourself because this weight loss thing isn't easy! If you feel up to it consider sharing your journey on social media and connect with like-minded people! I met my fiancé and best friend on Instagram! How crazy is that? J Documenting your journey and taking photos will be incredible to look back on! It's hard to do initially but you will be so grateful that you did! Never give up and celebrate the small victories! You can do it!

Amen, Kristine! Now get over to Instagram and follow Kristine @ilostbigandsocanyou for healthy and delicious meal ideas, workout motivation and weight loss inspiration!


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