Home for the Holidays 11/23 - Indiana

Home for the Holidays 11/23 - Indiana

Next on the list is Indiana! Home to our Owner and CEO, Liz, and our community member, Alicia, this unique state has so much more to offer than meets the eye!


What makes home feel like home to Liz?

My favorite thing about Indiana has to be both the people and the memories created there. 'Midwest nice' is a stereotype thrown around but the state is truly full of some of the most genuine, real, down-to-earth people and just has an overall very relaxed pace and warmth to life. I love that Indiana houses all of my favorite memories, with some of my favorite people from growing up - from childhood (trips to Brown County and the lake) to high school to my college years (Go Hoosiers! iykyk) which makes it a place I will always love. 

Home around the holidays is special because you get the rare opportunity to unplug and truly connect with loved ones. I love being home with the only item on my agenda being quality time, movie marathons and staying warm on a snowy day. Although, being in Arizona the past couple years for the holidays (small business ownership is wild!) and my parents moving to North Carolina this year has shown me that it's not so much about the physical location but the people, the intentionality of the season and the opportunity to celebrate together.”

Our community member, Alicia, says, "Indiana (also known as the Hoosier State) is the ‘Crossroads of America’ and also the covered bridge capital of the world! With 24 state parks and roughly 900 lakes, we aren't short on outdoor fun. I've called Indiana home for the last 30 years. As a mom of three, a Gigi of two, and another grandbaby due this spring, I love the Indiana small town vibe you can find anywhere you go. I've never turned down a chance to sit in the stands at the Indy 500, spend a warm summer day on Lake James, enjoy a glorious fall weekend in Brown County, or a snowy toboggan ride at Pokagon State Park. I love Indiana because you're never too far from fun!”

Hometown: Angola, Indiana 


If you remember one thing about this drop, remember this: Comfort is King. Inspired by our fan-favorite Time Out Shorts, the Time Out Pants will be your new best friend for the entire winter season (and maybe even past that!) With mulberry as the primary color, every piece in the collection was designed to pair with every other piece. 

Senita Employee’s Pick of the Day: Time Out Pants in Mulberry & Ribbed Lounge Tee in Heather Grey

Stay tuned to see what the next drop on 11/25 has in store!


Senita Team 

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