Create Your Personalized Home Gym Space

Create Your Personalized Home Gym Space

Written by Amy Will 17x Marathoner; Edited by Macey Leatham RDN


Fitting time to exercise into an already busy schedule isn’t easy but having a designated home gym can help you to stay consistent! Stuck home due to bad weather, maybe a kiddo is sick or there isn’t a gym nearby?

Here are a few ideas to maximize any amount of space in your home. These can be stored in a designated “gym” corner or hidden in a tote or in a closet until needed! 

  • Resistance Bands: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Stability Ball
  • Exercise Mat
  • Weights: Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbell & Weights, Medicine Ball, etc
  • Cardio: Jump Rope, Treadmill, Indoor Bike, Stairclimber, Rowing Machine, Plyo Box, etc
  • Follow a workout video? Consider using a TV, laptop or phone app to stream your favorite at-home workouts.

As you choose your home gym equipment, consider your fitness goals and what type of workouts you plan to do. The options are endless and easily customizable to any budget! For added motivation, consider adding quotes, a workout calendar  or a vision board to your workout area to keep you going on the hard days. 

Sometimes finding motivation to workout is even harder at home on your own so lean on the accountability of Senita Sisters for extra encouragement. We’ve got your back! 


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