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We received some excellent designs for our design competition, thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork. We have selected the top 4 designs and we want you and your friends to help choose which design will be made into our next printed leggings. 

It is important to note that these designs are just digital mock-ups and not perfect replications of what the leggings will actually look like. Actual print colors, print size, and legging style will be determined in the manufacturing process. 

Each person can vote 3 times. Once by commenting on this blog post, once by commenting on our Instagram post (@senita), and once on our Facebookpage. 

Design 1: Geometric lines
Artist: Mickey Roxas,
IG: @plantsandplanks


Design 2: Pastel Floral on Gray
Artist: Sydney Peirce 

Design 3: California Poppies 
Artist: Stephanie Fiato 
IG: @fit_girl_moon_pie

Design 4: Succulents on Dark Gray 
Artist: Canary Jane,
IG: @canary_jane


Voting ends 5/12/16 (Thursday) at midnight PST. Thank you for your votes!