Senita Sisters Club




There are a few important items we'd like to note:

  • Limit to one account per person - please do not make multiple accounts. 
  • The Senita Sisters Club is run at the discretion of Senita Athletics and can be changed or canceled at anytime.
  • Senita Points have no cash value and are only valid when used by the account which earned the rewards. Violating these terms will result in your Senita Sisters Club account being terminated, and the loss of all earned points and rewards. 
  • Senita Points are only awarded for the order subtotal and not the grand total. It excludes taxes, shipping and any other discounts from counting towards points.   



  • How do I leave a review on an item I’ve purchased and to make sure I've received points for it?
You must wait until you’ve received an email from us (usually a couple of weeks after you’ve purchased an item) and click on that link to review the items you’ve purchased. You will then be rewarded Senita Points for leaving those reviews.
  • Can I receive Senita Points for leaving reviews on items that I’ve purchased before joining the Senita Sisters Club?
No, you can only receive Senita Points for leaving reviews on items that you’ve purchased after joining the loyalty club. 

  • Can I receive my Senita Points even if I wasn’t logged into my account when making a purchase?
No, you must be logged in to your account on our website to receive Senita Points when making a purchase on our website. 
    • Can I transfer my points to someone else?
    No, points are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who earned them.
    • Can I apply my previous orders towards Senita Points?
    No, unfortunately, we can not apply previous orders for points. You can only earn points from your purchases once you've created a Senita Sisters Club account and checked out while you were logged into this account.
    • Can an existing customer use a friend's referral code?
    No, friend rewards are issued to new customers who receive a referral code from an existing program member. These rewards can be redeemed on the new customer's first purchase.
    • Will my points expire?   
    Yes, points expire 2 years after they are earned.  Senita Sisters Club members will receive a notification email 30 days before points expire.
    • If I spend my points, could I move down a tier? 
    No.  Your tier is based on lifetime Senita Points earned.  You will never move down a tier.
    • If I've already made an account with your store do I need to make another account for the loyalty club?
    No. Your existing account automatically enters you into the loyalty program. Use your existing username and password to login.




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