About Us

Senita Athletics was founded by two sisters in December 2015 with the goal of providing durable, fashionable, and functional athletic gear at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

We believe confidence, empowerment and fitness should be accessible to as many women as possible. We design our products to empower you, in your everyday life, to become the best version of yourself. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to provide high-quality yet affordable gear along with a kick*** supportive, uplifting community.

In this community, we are sisters. Sisters in the sense that we are genuine, honest, and real. We have each other’s backs, build each other up, and push each other to achieve our dreams. At Senita, we feel privileged to play a small part in making you look, feel, and perform your best every day, and at every stage of life.















As a former volleyball player and someone who has attempted almost every workout video or fitness class available, I had tried many different brands and many pieces of activewear over the years. Ultimately, I was always disappointed by some combination of the fabric, style, and price. I wanted to feel strong, stylish, and comfortable, and I couldn’t justify breaking the bank to do so. I knew that confidence, and the feeling like I could take on the world, or at the very least, take on the day, could come from the support and empowerment of those around me. My goal at Senita is to make every single one of you look, feel, and perform your absolute best when you put on one of our products or engage with our community. This means offering all our products at a fair price so they are accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that the benefit of these products should be to your life, your happiness, and your goals - not the overhead and margins of expensive brands.

I’m partnered in this mission with my husband, Andrew. Both being born and raised in the Midwest, surrounded by friends and family, we understand the importance of community; which is why we’re so excited about what exists, and what’s to come, at Senita.  As a family-owned and run business we remain grounded and focused on doubling down on our mission and bringing the best to each of you. My greatest ambition for Senita is that it is a true reflection of each of you - your hopes, dreams, needs, desires, and aspirations – and for that reason, we’ll always be here listening, taking feedback and incorporating what we learn into the future of Senita.