• Jr. Varsity

    Every $1 spent: 5 points.

    Get 500 points when you sign up for free.

    Each review on purchases: 20 points.

  • Varsity

    Every $1 spent = 10 points.

    15% coupon (one time use) when you move up after earning 1,500 points.

    Each review on purchases: 30 points.

  • Pro

    Every $1 spent = 15 points.

    15% coupon (one time use) when you move up after earning 5,000.

    Each review on purchases: 30 points.

  • Birthday

    Get 500 points for inputting your birthday. Must be at least 30 days after signing up for the program.

  • Social Media

    Score easy points by liking us on Facebook and also extra points for sharing our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well!

  • Write Reviews

    Earn easy points for writing reviews. They are worth more as you move up in the tiers.

  • Refer a Friend

    Bring another sister into the sisterhood and we'll reward you with points! Give 15% off and get 15% off in return.


500 points: $5 off

750 points: Free shipping for Domestic Orders

1000 points: $10 off

2000 points: $20 off

Redeem Points

Freaquently Asked questions on the rewards program


How do I leave a review?

You can until you’ve received an email from us (usually a couple of weeks after you’ve purchased an item) and click on that link to review the items you’ve purchased. You will then be rewarded Senita Points for leaving those reviews. You can also log into your account, go to your order history, click on the item you want to review, and review on the site.

Can any previous reviews, purchases made before I was a member be integrated into my new rewards account?

No, we are unable to grandfather any customers previous purchases or reviews into the rewards program. You must also always make sure you are logged in before you make any purchases once in the program so you receive your points.

Can I transfer my points to some one else?

No, points are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who earned them, but feel free to create any discount codes you would like to give to friends to use from your own account.

Can an existing customer use the referral codes?

No, friend rewards are issued to new customers who receive a referral code from an existing program member. These rewards can be redeemed on the new customer's first purchase.

Will my points expire and can I move down a tier for spending points?

Yes, points expire 2 years after they are earned. Senita Sisters Club members will receive a notification email 30 days before points expire.

No. Your tier is based on lifetime Senita Points earned. You will never move down a tier.

Can my rewards be combined with other discount codes/promotions?

No, only one discount code/reward can be used per purchase. Unless a specific promotion will allow it, always know it is one discount code per order.