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The Reflection Collection

January is a typical time to turn towards the future by appreciating the past, and we’re doing just that with the launch of our newest line: The Reflection Collection.

In this collection, we’ve taken that quintessential breath of fresh air and infused it into each piece, combining favorite styles with bold new colors and patterns. Just what does fresh and reflective look like? For us, it’s colors with that rejuvenating burst of mint  and the crisp, cool beauty of ocean surf. It’s clean lines of reflective tech and flowing, aqueous marble patterns. It’s customer-inspired design, and it definitely includes pockets

“Reflect” is a particularly meaningful word as we consider the introduction of our latest pieces. On the surface, it can be directly interpreted to the sleek reflective details we’ve thoughtfully added to not just pants and shorts, but sports bras and tanks as well. We are formerly competitive runners after all, and have a deep appreciation for the early morning or evening grind and the need for safety out on the road. 

As we delved deeper into the finer details of design for this collection, seeking eye-catching patterns and invigorating colors, we couldn’t help but consider the other definitions of “reflect.” Dear sisterhood, we would characterize the word reflect in these ways:

Reflect – to mirror that light within you, to share your shine with everyone around you!

Reflect – to be seen and be safe physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Are you truly seeing YOU? Are you safe with YOURSELF? When you talk to yourself, do you offer comfort and encouragement? Are you shutting down the often overbearing, negative self-talk?

Reflect – consider both who you are and who you’ve been. Recognize every bump in the road as another mountain scaled, every wrong turn as the hidden path that led you to now. 

Just what have you been building, and what kind of warrior have you created? 

As we also take this moment to pause for reflection, we want to share some of the year’s highlights with you. 

We settled into our new warehouse at the end of 2017, all with the goal of improving shipping speed and accuracy. Seeing the results of this big move throughout 2018 was very satisfying and we hope to continue to deliver, pun intended, the best we can to our Sisters! 

Senita Athletics launched a total of eight new collections in 2018, our highest output yet. One of our biggest introductions was the creation of Senita Mom, catering to pregnancy and nursing needs. 

The support of our campaign to raise money for diabetes research with our popular Ellie Tights and Sarah Sports Bra in the stunning Sweet Blue color, honoring the universal symbol for diabetes. This one landed close to home as our own brother fights his battle with Type 1 Diabetes. With your help we donated over $3,700 to research for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

In October we helped plan and participated in a wonderful retreat to Lake Powell with eight social media influencers. We were happy to sponsor by decking everyone out in Senita gear and had a blast exploring the many adventures Lake Powell had to offer alongside incredible women. We loved being able to collaborate with others who share the spirit of the Sisterhood and truly enjoyed getting to know them on a more personal level.

Wishing you a year of little moments to savor and reflect; find them, make them, and give value to them all, the highs and the lows. Sister on. 


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Nice service

Helen Job

I ran across Senita on social media and at the time I was just beginning my journey into fitness and a true fit lifestyle. I took the leap of ordering and fell in love immediately, more than half my wardrobe is Senita. Now, I have to say lately I have not be overly excited with some of the new materials and fit and top options(loose fit midsection please) but I still love Senita and love the Sisterhood and what this company represents. As a sister and a Senita sister it lifts me up knowing what you are embracing as sisters and as a company.

April Patrick Davis

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